IE 500 PRO
Extremely high resolution and distortion-free sound reproduction, even at maximum SPL. IE 500 PRO delivers a superb distortion factor of only 0.08%.
„Listening to the IE 500 Pro, feels like you are in a studio on a treated acoustic environment“

Sennheiser Star Rating

5.0 (2) Reviews

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IE 500 PRO

High-resolution sound – down to the finest details – with precise, accurate soundstage, even at extreme sound pressure levels. The IE 500 PRO combines huge power and clarity for any location and any stage in the world. Thanks to the twisted pair cable, it can be operated comfortably at high volumes. So sound professionals can keep even the finest details under control, the dynamic 7mm driver works with the newly developed TrueResponse technology. It refines the natural strengths of the diaphragm and eliminates stress factors that occur with other driver systems. Distortion, feedback peaks and overlapping frequency ranges are no longer a problem. The distortion factor has been optimized to a previously unimaginable 0.08%. A miniature design also permits a formerly inconceivable, flat construction, which fits comfortably and securely into any ear canal. The accompanying silicone and memory foam adapters improve the fit and shielding, making it feel like it is tailor-made. Even with extreme movement, the IE 500 PRO sits securely in the outer ear – and can still be inserted or removed in a matter of seconds. The innovative, shock-proof cable duct (patent pending) is naturally replaceable.

Looking for highest resolution, distortion-free sound with graduated tonal depths – even at maximum sound pressure levels? The IE 500 PRO is the right choice.

  • Newly developed, dynamic 7mm wideband transducer with extremely fine resolution and neutral sound

  • Detachable twisted pair cable for excellent resistance against structure-born noise

  • TrueResponse driver system reduces acoustic stress factors through homogeneous and low-distortion reproduction

  • High level of wearing comfort and good fit thanks to ergonomic, compact housing

  • Excellent shielding through optimized earpiece shape and flexible silicone and foam tips

  • Cable concept fit for the stage with innovative cable duct (patent application in progress)

High-resolution, strong mid-ranges

With the IE 500 PRO, musicians can reliably locate themselves in the mix and hear every nuance of other voice or instrument, even on the loudest stages. The low-resistance system performs clearly and free from distortion, even at high sound pressure levels – thanks to TrueResponse technology. High-resolution, strong mid-ranges, accurate soundstage, and a robust design fit for any stage… the IE 500 PRO represents the philosophy of the entire IE series: MoreMe. Perceive more, have more control, and confidently locate your own sound in the mix.

High-resolution, strong mid-ranges

Next-generation dynamic drivers

The result of intensive development work: a single high-performance dynamic driver – with a diaphragm measuring only 7 mm in diameter – covers the entire frequency spectrum. This way, interference effects in the region of the transitional frequencies and phase differences are avoided. A system of magnets with triple-duct ventilation significantly reduces the distortion factor, and a two-chamber absorber in the direction of the ear canal minimizes feedback peaks that would otherwise occur naturally. The result: even at high sound pressure levels, the sound remains clean and free from distortion. Consequently, the IE 500 PRO protects your hearing – even after hours of use on the loudest stages. For professionals that previously got lost in the mix, their sound suddenly becomes audible.

Next-generation dynamic drivers

It’s not just the sound that fits your ear…

…the IE 500 PRO also sits comfortably and securely in your ear for several hours. Choose either silicone or viscoelastic memory foam tips to individually adapt to the structure and depth of your ear canal for hours of reliable wearing comfort. Durable and innovative cable ducting with a deep-set connector allows the IE 500 PRO to also withstand tough nights on the stage. Again, and again.

It’s not just the sound that fits your ear…
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Sennheiser Star Rating

5.0 (2) Reviews

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  • Bruno Silva
    Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Great Product! Fantastic Sound Resolution!

    Being in the industry for over 25 years, I have used a few range of IEMs. The IE500 Pro, are by far the best set of in-ears I have ever come across with. They fit very comfortably in the ear and show to be of high quality built. The driver response provides a very neutral, balanced sound resolution at low and high levels. I have used them for long periods and throughout it was always very comfortable listening experience. Listening to the IE500 Pro, feels like you are in a studio on a treated acoustic environment listening to a nice pair of loudspeakers as oppose to a standard pair of in-ears. Highly recommended.


    Live Audio, Studio and Home!


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Rbro84
    Solihull, England.

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Blow your socks off (figuratively of course)

    I’ll start by admitting something; I’m not a musician, I’m not in the music industry at all, so purchasing and using these earphones for simply listening to music might be a bit like using your McLaren F1 to nip to the shop for a pint of milk. However, I have used them for only a short period of time but the are the most comfortable things I have ever used, the sound quality is immense, I’m hearing things in music I’ve not heard before, the first album I listened to with them was by The Distillers and it was like having Brody Dale physically in my ears.


    Sound quality. Comfort.


    None so far.


    I would recommend this to a friend.

What's in the Box
  • 1 IE 500 PRO
  • 3 Silicone adapters (S, M, L)
  • 3 Foam adapters (S, M, L)
  • 1 Transport case
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • 1 6.3 mm jack-adapter

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