ADN Installation Kit for flush mounting ADN D1 (Delegate Unit) or ADN C1 (Chairman Unit) in table tops
Article No. 390019


The ADN Installation Kit allows a very easy and elegant installation of ADN D1 or C1 wired units into conference tables. One set comes with 5 units of Top and Bottom frames for easy installation of the ADN conference units.

What's in the box?

  • 5 sets of top and bottom pieces to flush mount 5 ADN conference units (Delegate or Chariman Units)
  • 20 screws (4 for each pair of brackets)
  • 1 mounting instruction

Technical Data

  • Dimensions
    Outer dimensions (top cover): 225 x 175 mm,
    Height over table top: 19 mm
    Base frame depth: 26 mm
    Minimum table top thickness 20 mm: (avoids screw tip on table top bottom side), 26 mm (avoids base frame deeper than table top bottom)
  • Weight
    Top frame 50g, bottom frame 90g
  • Color
    Black. Other colors possible on request